Mary R. Pagano


Mary Rose Pagano has been a single parent since 1986.  She is very proud of her three children and their accomplishments, especially since, at many times, life was extremely difficult for them.  Finances were always minimal but somehow, without ever collecting public funds that may have been available, Mary managed to work very hard and support her family.  Mary attributes much of her strength and courage to the wonderful teachings of the mother she grew up with!  

Louis is Mary’s oldest son.  Louis got married and started a family at a young age.  He attended college classes in the evenings and obtained many professional certifications in the management field.  He is an exceptionally family oriented man with many old-school values.  He is also an excellent father of two wonderful children, Anthony and Brianna! Louis works extremely hard to support his family.  

One may ask, “What’s in a name?”  Well, in the traditional Italian family, a child should be named after someone of importance in the family.  Thus, an explanation for the reason why when an Italian mother calls out for Tony or Anthony, several family members will respond!!!!     

Marissa-Jo Rafaella Pagano  is the second of Mary’s children.  Her name is comprised of Marissa, a derivative of her grandmother, Maria; Jo, a derivative of my late husband’s mother, Josephine; and, finally, Rafaella Pagano is her Godmother.  Marissa earned her Master’s Degree at Georgian Court University.  She is a high-school teacher who teaches Chemistry, both advanced and entrance level.  Marissa loves her job and is very dedicated to teaching.

Joseph Pagano is the third and last of Mary’s children.  Joseph’s name comes from my Godfather, Joseph Calabria.  Joseph works as the Internet Director of Sales for several automobile dealerships.  He is a graduate of Montclair State University and does well for himself.  After a wonderful honeymoon in Italy, Joseph is married and his wife, Alana, is as lovely as can be.  Joseph and Alana are expecting identical twin boys this coming June of 2018 and I can't begin to tell you how happy and excited the entire family is!  I will keep you posted when the two munchkins make their grand entrance!   

Finally, we come to the most important members of Mary’s family: the pets!  Mast Antonio and Victoria, two gorgeous Cane Corsos.  They are probably the biggest babies one could ever meet; love sponges and clowns they are!  Next, we have Isabella, a/k/a Izzi, an Orapei: half Pug and half Sharpei.  Izzi is adorable, but since she came from a puppy mill, she missed out on the critical period of socialization.  She adores the family and the family only!  Visitors do not find her friendly, just very cute.  I have no regrets with any of my pets; they are also the loves of my life! 

Although times were not always easy, I can tell you from the depths of my heart that I regret nothing about my family.  Could I and my children have been born into a wealthy family, could life had been more financially secure and stable, of course.  But, then, I ask what price is one willing to pay for genuine love, integrity; loyalty; compassion; tolerance; tenacity; humbleness; perseverance; courage; learning to be the kind of person who is not afraid to take a chance in life; being of the necessary character to stand up for what is right and just?  This and so much more I have been fortunate enough to have grown up with!  With this being said, below are some pictures of my family and pets.  Although I will be uploading more pictures periodically, I hope you all enjoy them!  

As promised, here is an update of new family members.  On May 9, 2018, we were blessed with two adorable twins, Enzo Pagano and Sabastian Pagano!  My daughter-in-law, Alana, had a difficult pregnancy and there were many frightful moments when  I found myself praying quite often.  Today, I am humbled and grateful that my prayers were answered!  Our boys are handsome as can be and I enjoy babysitting them and spending time together!  As soon as I can get photos onto my website, I will post them. 


Sabastian and Smiling Enzo 


Sabastian and Enzo 





Enzo Bath Time 


       Anthony Joseph Pagano & Brianna Rose Pagano                                            Brianna's High-School Graduation Picture





Louis, Joseph, Marissa and Anthony Pagano
















     Chance Giuliano, my inherited cat!                                                                                                                               Izzi at the vet, very unhappy!
















           Sabina, the gorgeous cane corso!

                                                                                                     Brianna and Anthony Pagano: Junior Prom   


                                       Brianna and Troy: Junior Prom                                                                                  

brianna and officer chris smith


troy, louis and brianna 


joseph caught a fish!


    In loving memory of Julius Pagano                                                  In loving memory of Julius                                    


                                                                                                           Anthony and I Sir Lancelot                                                          




                                               Viva la Famiglia


                                     Lady Guinevere






























                      Rob, Louis, Joe and Allana


                                                      David, Rob Sickel and Allana and Joe





                                Joe and I


                          Louis and Joe 

                                    Anthony and Joe

                                             Louis, Marissa, and Joe

                                         Joe, me, and Allana




                              Marissa and I






                                    Joesph, Marissa, and Louis